That crazy interweb…

Last night I was browsing through Ravelry, admiring the projects knitted and crocheted by many talented folks, and I came upon a sweater that was so stunning my jaw literally dropped.  I think I gasped.  I saw that the pattern was from a book, so I went to Amazon to see how many pennies to start saving.  That plan flew out the window when I saw that there were 6 used copies available starting at $250.  Wow. 

Enter my knight in shining armor.  He asked for the title and looked it up on this amazing thing.  You enter the title you want, then enter a radius withing which you are willing to drive to get the book, and it will give you a list of what libraries have it, and the checkout status of their copy.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  I am old enough to remember using card catalogs…with actual cards.  This is just phenomenal.

Turns out the local library has a copy of this $250 book.  My tax dollars at work. 

I take back every mean thing I ever said about Al Gore.


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