Fly in the Car Report

On the way to church this morning, Sean was reminding the children of where they were going and what was expected of them…the usual Sunday thing.  Ellie was coughing a bit during the process, and when she was done she said, “Dad, don’t instructure me when I’m choking!”


2 responses to “Fly in the Car Report

  1. Oh… THANK YOU for stopping by my blog! I like your new blog… very neatish. I like neatish looking blogs.

    I’m sorry your kiddos are sick. That’s miserable.

    Guess what I’m going to do… start C25K with a group of people — me as the leader which = no quitting.

    How are you doing with your running? Still running?

    THANKS again for commenting. I really appreciate it!

  2. When I saw Miss Ellie at church this a.m., I asked her if she was feeling better. Her response “Yes, except for the choking part.” Poor baby.

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