Blast from the Past

The JAKE go through phases when they LOVE hearing stories about themselves and each other.  “Tell us again about the time when Andy…”, etc.  It’s kind of an organic, portable scrapbook (which is a good thing, because I don’t think Ellie has even made an appearance in the real scrapbooks yet..oy!).

One of the most-requested stories is the first time Andy ate meat.  Andy was a very easy baby.  He was happy 98% of the time.  He was cuddly.  He was a great sleeper.  He was content to wait sometimes when I had to deal with his 2 year old brother.  He was also a HUGE eater.  Sean and I remember packing up to leave Jackson, MS, for an internship in Memphis and putting Andy in his high chair while we packed boxes…the kid was happy to eat canteloupe and Honeycombs for hours…but that’s another story.

One day we were eating dinner.  Andy had just graduated to sitting upright in the high chair, and we sat him down with us for meals, pulling the high chair right up next to the table and my seat.  We were having green beans, french bread, and spaghetti with spicy meat sauce.  Andy’s eyes locked on my plate and he went ballistic.  We (and probably our neighbors) heard a kind of desperate grunting and blabbing that clearly meant “I have GOT to get me some of that!!!!” 

No problem…I’d transitioned another child into table food.  I knew just what to do.  I broke off a piece of bread and put it on Andy’s tray.  No deal.  The gesturing and grunting continued.  No problem.  I gave him a tiny bit of sauceless spaghetti noodle.  Nothing doing.  Green bean.  Nada. 

So then I decided to reason with him. (Yes, I know he was less than a year old…what’s your point?)

“Andybear, you’ve had everything on my plate except for meat, and you won’t like it.  It’s spicy and hot and babies don’t like meat until they’re older.  Heck, we STILL can’t get Jonathan to eat the patty off of a hamburger.”

The poor kid looked even more desperate.  Finally, I decided that the burned hand teaches best, and I gave Andy a little piece of italian sausage from my sauce.  He ate it.  A look of pure glee came over his face.  The grunting resumed with more intensity. He wanted more.  He got more…a lot more.  My little baby was a voracious carnivore.

This had positives and negatives in the days to come.  On the one hand, we were very economical at McDonald’s.  We bought one hamburger for the boys.  Jonathan ate the bun and Andy ate the burger and they were both happy campers.  On the other hand, Andy’s diapers were horrendous.


6 responses to “Blast from the Past

  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can so see Emma doing that. She is such a determind baby. Snicker snort.

  2. More blasts from the past would be fun to hear! That is a fun story. (Lydia loves spicy stuff and meat too!)

    Does memory serve me correctly that Andy was not so happy coming home from one of the weddings in summer of ’99? If so, sounds like you have one of your siblings to thank for getting all the 2% unhappies out for that next year or two!

    I still remembered when he shared his monster cookie with me after he worked so hard to get through dinner that night! What a sweet kid.

  3. What a riot! He’s a voracious carnivore indeed Mine have all been s-l0-w to accept (or digest once they DO accept) meat.

    My 5K’s love to hear stories from their pasts too. Fun!

    -Dell (

  4. Kakee, no, what you’re thinking of is when we drove back to Wichita when he was 3 months old for his baptism and he cried 10 hours there and 10 hours back. No likee the carseat.

  5. I got to thinking he was a bit older during the weddings… Well, perhaps you did yourself a favor to get all those grumpies out at one time! 😉

  6. OK this reminds me of the time you went to put Jonathan to bed and he was chewing on something. When you checked it out it was a piece of chicken for supper that he had been chewing on for an hour or two.

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