Peek in on a morning


“Good morning!  I need snuggles!!!”

This morning we had omelets for breakfast.  We watched an episode of Good Eats the other night and Alton made omelets.  They looked so good the JAKE decided we really needed to have omelets soon.  Today was the day.  They were a big hit, but I mean that too literally.  These children ate 6-egg omelets.  And biscuits.  And they’re not even teenagers yet. 


“Dude.  Mom.  I’m really full.”


This will surprise those of you who know him well, but Jonathan was unable to actually complete his omelet.  It got the better of him.


I would try to explain this look if I could.  It is so very Katie.  And she finished her omelet.  And 2 biscuits. Do not ask me where it all went.  I have no idea.


You probably shouldn’t ask me about this one, either. 

5 responses to “Peek in on a morning

  1. Alright, this is scary – you have BOTH of the same dish patterns that I have. 😀 And btw… 6-egg omelets?? Be prepared for a serious growth spurt from the JAKE!

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