Is there a vet in the house?

When I was little and my grandmother would come visit, she would declare one afternoon to be “animal hospital”.  My siblings and I were to gather our best loved and most tattered stuffed animals and she would do her best to fix them up.  She was amazing. She somehow made a cotton ball substitute for a hippo’s missing tooth.

I’ve had a few animal hospital sessions here in my own home, but sometimes the service isn’t exactly what you’d call prompt.  Katie’s Caleb (KAY-wub for those of you who say the words out loud in your head) has had an injury for a few days, and the owner decided to take matters into her own hands.

She started with great enthusiam…


…and then reality hit. I don’t think surgeons are supposed to pout during procedures, dear.


She needed a breather…all that blood and gore, you know.  Surgery can be messy.




Finally, the patient came out of surgery, made it through the recovery room, and has a battle scar to show off to all the other stuffed animal inmates.


Nice work, Kate.  Stay in school.



4 responses to “Is there a vet in the house?

  1. Battle scars are always good. Then when he’s sitting around, shooting the bull with all the other stuffed animals from the hood, he’ll have some street cred.

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