The Brekkie Brigade


These boys love breakfast.  Jonathan would be content to eat breakfast food for every meal of the day.  His ideal meal includes pancakes, waffles, biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage…you get the idea.  Andy’s not quite as much of a fanatic, but he gets really excited about any breakfast that’s not “cold or lazy.”  For those of you who don’t speak Andese, that means “cereal or microwave oatmeal.”  It’s all about effort for that one.

Jonathan asked last night if he could make pancakes this morning.  Andy walked into the kitchen and told Jonathan to get the griddle off the stove so that he could fry up some bacon.  We’re not messing with Andy this morning–his ‘Cats lost a heartbreaker last night–so Jonathan obliged.

Andy has become the unchallenged Bacon Master of the house.  He has watched his mother overcook it long enough to believe in the slow and low (heat) approach.  The kid does have a nice touch.  This morning he was standing over his first batch and he was overheard to say: “Ahhh….NOW we’re getting to the part where the grease flows like milk and honey!”


3 responses to “The Brekkie Brigade

  1. Sorry about your Wildcats, Andy. Our Dawgs couldn’t pull another win out tonight, either. But hey, if you want to come to my house and cook bacon sometime, you are more than welcome!

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