Three-Part Harmony

Tonight was really cool. 

Tonight we ate spaghetti with spaghetti sauce that had been simmering for hours on the stove.  We were famished, because the man-children and parental units had spent the better part of the day in a serious Spring cleaning session with the kid books, the homeschool stuff, other books, toys, and bookshelves.  Furniture was moved, dusted, and some were slightly rearranged.  Hard work makes dinner better.

Tonight we chatted around the table about foods we like and the meals that Sean and I had when we were kids.  We talked about how interesting it was when a “beef and potatoes” man married a “chicken and rice” woman.  We refrained (still) from explicitly saying that beef=cow, so Ellie is still a happy, ignorant ding-a-ling.

Tonight we sang after dinner.  We sang St. Patrick’s Breastplate in honor of the feast day.  It’s one of my favorites. Then we chanted a couple psalms, including one that the children know the melody well enough that Sean and I can sing bass and alto.  Our family made noise in three parts.  (I think there may have been four here and there, but we won’t point fingers.) What a wonderful treat it is, to harmonize with your own children.

Tonight was really, really cool.

3 responses to “Three-Part Harmony

  1. “I’d love to have been able to listen.”

    I regret that we haven’t done more of that kind of stuff when you guys are here.

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