Facebook is so behind the times…

Sean and I have been slowly getting our feet wet in the morass that is Facebook.  I’m always nervous about new ways to give out all kinds of personal information to the entire world.  The other day I finally filled out the “spouse” field in my profile, and because Sean also has an account, Facebook had to check with him to make sure I was his wife. Do random people arbitrarily report that they are married to perfect strangers?  Is this sort of verification actually necessary?

Let the bizarreness of that sink in for a second, and then get this: Once Sean confirmed that yes indeed, this person is my wife, we both got notifications from Facebook.  His said “You are now in a relationship with Kiersten.” 


Somehow that ruined the whole “up to the minute” gimmick they’ve got going.


6 responses to “Facebook is so behind the times…

  1. yes, some people would actually claim to be married to random strangers if facebook let them. Do not underestimate the mischievous sense of humor of college students. 😉

    But seeing on my newsfeed that you and Sean tied the knot did crack me up. As the new truism goes, “It’s not official until it’s on facebook!” :p

  2. I had a friend of mine update her status to married. I sent a note to congratulate her only to find out she had been married for 5 years. Boy did I feel silly.

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