I have been dreading this day…

Some of you know that Ellie has been, to this point, utterly oblivious to the origins of the meat she eats.  We used to go through a litany with her once in a while:

Parent: Ellie, do we eat cows?

Ellie: NO!!!!

Parent: Are they delicious?

Ellie: NO!!!

Parent: Are they foodable (her word)?

Ellie: NO!!!

Parent: Ellie, do you like cheeseburgers?

Ellie: YES!!! YUMMY!

To tell you the truth, I thought she was starting to suspect.  I mean, the girl is four and a half years old.  She’s a smart kid.  Did she really not understand that chicken nuggets come from chickens and fish sticks come from fish?  I thought, until tonight, that she was just continuing to play along in the funny game with Mom & Dad. 

Nope.  She was clueless.

Dad: Ellie, do you like cheeseburgers?

Ellie: YES!  YUMMY!

Dad: Where do cheeseburgers come from?

Ellie: McDonald’s.

Dad: But where does McDonald’s get the meat to make cheeseburgers?

Ellie: (pause) I don’t know.

Dad:  Burgers are cow meat. (Ellie jumps in shock and stares in horror)

Ellie: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t want people to eat K.C.! (her stuffed animal cow…named after a steak…come ON!)

Dad: Honey, nobody’s going to eat K.C., but the cows we see along the road when we’re driving?  We eat them.  We get steaks and burgers and roast beef from them.  And it’s ok.


Dad: Do you like what you’re eating?

Ellie: Yes!  YUMMY!

Dad: That’s cow meat and pig meat in that spaghetti sauce, and you like it!

Ellie: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Dad: Ellie, if you’d rather be in denial for a while longer, that’s ok…

Ellie: MMMMM HMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!


5 responses to “I have been dreading this day…

  1. OK–so you HAD to know I’D comment 🙂 A couple things:

    1. She must be told that McDonald’s doesn’t actually get MEAT to make cheeseburgers–it’s pretty much just a conglomeration of processed nothingness. So she might be OK with that after all! (In the interest of full disclosure, I have been known to buy the occasional Happy Meal for my kids, though it’s difficult for me to do. And I personally am a sucker for their fries. . .:)

    2. Let her watch the movie “Supersize Me.” Well, maybe not. Then she’ll just have nightmares and go on a hunger strike.

    3. You should know the trajectory she’s on here: my favorite stuffed friend growing up was a stuffed cow. And now. . .vegetarian.

    4. Denial is OK for 4-year-olds :happy:

  2. LOVE that Ellie!
    Someday, maybe she’ll be as flippant about it as Kate was at age 4. At the dinner we had our new Pastor over, she looked at me and said “Momma, could you pass the pig meat?” just as innocently as you please. It’s not bothered her until just a few weeks ago. She’s now 10 1/2. Go figure.

  3. What a cutie! 🙂

    Mary had a stuffed cow, that we got for her at Veladi Steakhouse in San Antonio. It was a Herford cow. When they brought it out to her and asked her what she was going to name it, she promptly said “Hamburger!”. Mike said “That’s my girl!”;-)

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