I know that my Redeemer liveth…

This morning, I am surrounded by…

the smell of monkey rolls left over from breakfast.

the sounds of my sons playing with the toys from their Easter baskets on the table.

the rustles and swishes of new Easter dresses and knit stoles, and my girls’ delight in them.

the glorious choruses of Handel’s Messiah ringing through the house, and the inevitable, choking, weeping joy that accompanies them and makes it impossible for me to sing along, except in my head.

the thoughts of those who are far off, either in distance or death, and the sweet comfort that it will not be so forever.

the anticipation of feasting with our church family at the table of the risen and victorious King.

the excitement of spending extended time with family for the next few days.

the greetings across the internet, around the world, with brothers and sisters, some of whom I’ve never met: “He is risen!”  “He is risen indeed!”  “Yes! He is not here! He has risen just as he said!”

The kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ! And He shall reign forever and ever!

The Lord be with you this Day!


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