Fly on the Wall Report

Some time ago, Sean was joking with the boys and referred to his right and left fists as “Good Sense” and “Reason”, respectively. I’m guessing there’s a movie in which the hero spies someone who needs a beating and informs the beatee that he’ll be persuaded to change his ways by “Good Sense” and “Reason”. I don’t know the exact origin, but the phrase is part of our family vocabulary.

Yesterday morning, after being the target of some good-natured teasing, Katie held up her fists and informed her brother that he needed to become acquainted with “Sense” and “Sensibility”.

8 responses to “Fly on the Wall Report

  1. LOL! That is so hilarious… and perhaps more appropriate given her mother’s love of all things Austen. 😉

  2. Actually, mine are named “Law” and “Order”. I think the kids got “Good Sense and Reason” from the Spongebob movie.

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