Monty Python Day at the Home School

From Katie’s worksheet on the Judges of Israel:

 6.  Name three major judges.

Answer: Tola, Jair, and Spamgar.

(I love it when handwriting errors make for funnies!)


11 responses to “Monty Python Day at the Home School

  1. I didn’t even see the question when you showed me the worksheet. Those aren’t major judges! What kind of school are you running down there?

  2. Well, dearest, I thought it seemed odd, too, and so I checked the information on the card she was using for her studies. The card says they’re major judges. So much for your seminary education.

  3. I wrote off my seminary education a long time ago. I should’ve just read the cards and saved us a lot of money.

    Although the Joshua-Esther class in which I learned that Tola, Jair, and Shamgar were “minor” judges was a great class, and the professor is still one of my all-time favorite people. So there.

  4. “Tola and Jair are sometimes called minor judges–as opposed to major judges like Ehud or Deborah or Gideon, about whom we have more detail and who are the subjects of more extensive narratives. Tola and Jair are minor judges because they receive less ink, less space in the story, a fact which does not mean they were of no importance. In fact, there was probably little difference in function between the major and the minor judges.”
    –D. Ralph Davis, Such a Great Salvation: Expositions of the Book of Judges, p. 129.

  5. Oh my WORRRRD!!! School stopped totally when I started the You Tube… Spam has that effect on us.

    Then I was LAUGHING and SNORTING at the comments… when I said I would NOT explain! Thanks for the laugh.

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