Fly on the Church Wall Report

After the Lord’s Supper…

Ellie: (in that not-really-a-whisper whisper, after we had the wine) MOM!  I had a big drink for me!  I had two whole drunks!!!

Mom: Drunks??!?

Ellie: Yup!  Drunk! Drunk!!!  Like that!


8 responses to “Fly on the Church Wall Report

  1. Tell her next time — Drink One for HK Auntie Jen… (we have to drink pitiful juice — cran apple, fake stuff). We don’t even get grape juice any more… what’s this world coming to?

  2. The Baptist in me is rolling………to Jennifer commenter above me…cranapple???? Oh my. I’m sorry! We get undiluted Welch’s. Ellie is soo cute, lol.

  3. I’m trying to get my mind around someone who drinks Welch’s for communion saying she’s sorry to someone who drinks cranapple juice for communion.

  4. My little niece Hannah was sitting next to me this past Lord’s Day and realized right away that she had not gotten one of the few juice cups provided but the wonderful port that fills most of the cups. She smacked her lips after a swift intake of breath. Another convert!

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