Fly on the Wall Report

Recorded while I was spinning this afternoon…

Ellie: Can I hold some of your yarn?

Mom: It’s not yarn yet, honey, it’s roving.

Ellie: I can’t ever remember the name.

Mom: That’s ok.  I’m just telling you so you can learn it.

Ellie: Can I just call it “Arnold” so I remember what to call it?


4 responses to “Fly on the Wall Report

  1. Sean is “holy cowed” by his own kids funny… THAT cracks me up!! =)

    Is arnold a favorite pet name or something? I call all my kiddos george, or georgia… depends upon their gender.

    Maybe it can be roving arnold, and she came make up stories about where it is roving, and why, and for how long, and when it will return, and what sort of little trinkets it will pick up while it is gone.

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