A Hard Lesson Learned

We went garage saling Saturday.  That is, we tried to go garage saling.  There were not many to be found.  During one of the two stops, however, it seemed we had struck gold.  Andy spotted a Bionicle container.  Please don’t ask me what a Bionicle is.  If you have or know a boy who owns these, you understand.  If you don’t, it’s almost impossible for me to explain more than “collectible lego-like action figure scary monster dude.”  Sorry, that’s really the best I can do.

So Andy was thrilled, because in his words, it was ANTIQUE.  Note to self: Ellie turned “antique” 2 years ago.

He asked the lady running the sale if all the parts were in the box.  Oh yes, she assured him.  She promised every single part was in the box.

When Andy got home, it quickly became obvious that many parts were missing.  There was much sadness.  Thankfully, Andy has a kind and skilled big brother who figured out how to make something scary looking out of the parts that were there so the purchase wasn’t a total loss.  Before Jonathan had made everything all right, though, Andy was overheard to have said, “I’m a dumb idiot who got totally suckered by an old lady!”

2 responses to “A Hard Lesson Learned

  1. Please tell Andy that he’s not the only one that has been suckered! Have you ever heard of Craig’s list? It’s a web-site full of items that you can find in your area. Kinda between a garage sale and ebay… It’s really big around here… Although my opinion is that rummage sales ROCK! 😉

  2. ::sigh:: Poor Andy. I’m a sucker, he’s a sucker, won’t you like to be a sucker too.

    Bummer —

    Now — antique… you need to get that boy a dictionary!! Don’t be tossing that word around lightly… I am NOT an antique. LOL 😉

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