More snapshots

Making a tent in the backyard. Sewious business.

Every visit with the Andersons generates at least one great Lizzy & Katie picture.  These young ladies are just four months apart and always manage to find things to do together to keep busy.  This year it was string games.

Ellie met her first fire ant.  It was not a happy meeting.

Eating ice cream with Mr. Jon is MUCH happier.


3 responses to “More snapshots

  1. We Texans take pride in EVERYTHING–even fire ants. I know how poor Ellie felt–I have ‘met with’ fire ants my whole life and they always get the better of the event. My daughter, Gracie Mae, already has a deep-seated fear of them; she insists that we carry her when we’re outside while she points out each ant pile and screams, ‘Mommy-Daddy: Ot bot!’

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