Blasters from the past…in a galaxy far, far away

Sean and I were born in the early 70’s.  Among other things, that means that we had reached prime imaginative years when the Star Wars saga hit.  A New Hope was the first movie Sean and I saw as children. (Both of us saw it at drive ins, too…isn’t that interesting?)  I remember pestering my father for weeks after he took me to The Empire Strikes Back.  “Is Darth Vader REALLY Luke’s Dad?”  I was convinced I would implode from suspense during the years before the next movie came out. I played Star Wars with my neighborhood friends.  I asked for and received the Death Star playset for Christmas one year.  I twisted my hair into cinnamon buns.

Before the prequels were released, the restored originals came out again to the movie theaters, and you better believe that Sean and I were there…probably at the first showing.

It’s been fun and funny to discover others who were more than a little fanatic about that chapter of their lives.  There’s always lots to share, but usually the sharing is limited to stories.  Not so with one friend.  He got a Star Wars windfall and wanted to share it with us.

These are from store displays and movie theater displays back in the day.  I don’t know if Sean or the boys are more excited…I think they’re destined to be “wallpaper” for the boys’ room. There is much happiness in boyland.


3 responses to “Blasters from the past…in a galaxy far, far away

  1. That’s great! Our kids were raised on Star Wars and my 20 yr old is a huge fan, having read the books as well. He would like to name his children after Jedi. Overheard, his older brother teasing him: “And when your twins are seeing A New Hope for the first time they will ask, ‘Why do we have the same name as Luke & Leia?’ and your wife will say, ‘Because your father is a doofus!'” LOL!

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