May I Please Just Go Play With My Spinning Wheel?

This week has brought a great challenge for this technophobic girl. We have begun to dip our feet into the morass of what is available now for home schoolers with computers: Entire courses on “enhanced CDs”.

It was time for Jonathan to begin formal science classes, so we placed an order with our favorite resource for home schooling materials, Veritas Press.  We ordered a “complete course” and I thought that meant textbook + study guide & tests booklet.  Not so.  What appeared on our doorstep was a CD that contains the textbook and all sorts of internet links/resources, and another CD from which I can print tests and study guides.  Just in case this is slipping past you, let me emphasize that I received a science course with no book. Yes, the text is all contained on the CD.  Yes, it is perfectly manageable and user-friendly. Yes, the internet tools are cool.  But there’s no book.

Do I look itchy to you?  I think I’m getting hives.

My father understands.  Dad and I talk about the merits of legal pads and pencils that you actually have to manually sharpen while my husband and mother wax poetic about the latest gizmo that uses terrorbytes (I think it’s terabytes? but I like my word better).  Sean, very practically, pointed out that we could return the CDs and exchange them for the textbook and the manual, but it would actually cost more than the CDs, and besides, we had this one in our hands and it might be good for me Jonathan to have a wee introduction into using the computer for something other than games.

But there’s no BOOK!

Pardon me while I go make yarn with a centuries-old technique.

( I look itchy?)


4 responses to “May I Please Just Go Play With My Spinning Wheel?

  1. Reminds me of the year we did “Switched on Schoolhouse”. It did what I wanted it to, it graded the work, well sorta (I just wasn’t getting to it, then, but too often it needed me to make a judgement call, which I didn’t get to either). And we HATED IT! OF course, what we hated was its telling us when we did what and always made us feel terrible for being behind. And you can’t cuddle up to read a lesson together at the computer like you can on the couch.

    What it sounds like you have is the textbook on CD, though, right?

  2. Apologia maybe?? That’s what we use and we like it. The kids answer the “On Your Own” questions and just print them out for me to check.

    And sometimes there’s little video for them to watch, words to click on to hear the correct pronunciation.

    Anyhow, works well for us because I don’t like having to have three of the same textbooks sitting around taking up shelf space.

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