Horticultural Victims 2008 (aka “This Year’s Garden”)

This morning the upper 3 and I went to a local nursery to see about putting some color in the dirt-holders at the front of our house.  I’m glad we went to the nursery because there was a very helpful lady there who gave us some good direction in finding the kinds of flowers that would do well with the limited amount of sun we get in our flower beds.  Each child picked 2 6-packs of flowers, based on the lady’s suggestions.  We consulted together to make selections for Ellie, and she approved once we brought everything home. 

I divided the 2 larger front beds into 4 sections so each child could arrange their flowers how they liked and plant them by themselves.  Ellie had a wee bit of assistance, but she didn’t mind.  I think they’re very proud of their gardens!

Ellie’s layout.

Andy and Katie choosing their layouts

I am so counting this for school.

We decided this was a good opportunity to repot some houseplants that needed attention, too.

Gettin’ dirty for a good cause.

We had some surprise volunteers from last year’s flowers.  These snapdragons are flourishing!

We even managed to get a hybrid!  These were white last year and must have gotten friendly with the next door purple plant.  Hubba hubba.

Jonathan & Ellie’s flowerbed.

Cleaning up. 

Here’s hoping we still have some survivors in a month’s time!


2 responses to “Horticultural Victims 2008 (aka “This Year’s Garden”)

  1. Loved looking at that! Beautiful.
    Snapdragons, marigolds, alysum (very good shade plant btw) will come back year after year. No matter how hard you try to kill the poor things.
    Love LOVE LOOOOVE your hybrid! 😉

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