A Boy After My Own Heart

Yesterday I was looking through the Veritas catalog to see what I should give to 10 year old Andy for his next “required reading.”  He’d breezed through all the G.A.Henty books relevant to what he’s studying in history, and he’s already read everything listed for his grade for literature, so I needed to find something else. I flipped ahead a few grades and saw Macbeth listed.

Now, our public library has some neat kids versions of several Shakespeare plays, and Andy has really enjoyed those, but it is a big leap to go from those to the unabridged, unaltered Shakespeare.  I thought it would be worth experimenting, though, so I sent the boy away with my 800 lb. edition of the Bard’s works.

Not long afterwards, I walked by Andy, happily nestled on the couch with the book open on his lap. He said, “Mom!  I really like this!  I’m on Act 3 and I didn’t even notice how fast I got here!  Do you think you could assign all these plays to me and I can read them one after the other?”

After I picked myself up off the floor, I assured him that he could read as much Shakespeare as he likes, and I’d be happy to help him make his next few picks.  The kid was serious because he was still licking up the remnants of his smoothie from his cheeks this morning when he asked me which play he should read next.

I suggested Much Ado About Nothing, thinking that he’d enjoy the verbal warfare between Beatrice and Benedick and the ridiculousness of Dogberry.  Sure enough, he’s in the other room as I type, reading aloud and laughing as only Andy can laugh. How cool is that?



5 responses to “A Boy After My Own Heart

  1. Hey! I noticed that you were talking about homeschooling, and I wanted to invite you to join us at Christian Teacher Forum here at WordPress. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts and opinions, or let me know what you would like to see on the Forum. You can also share your own lessons and ideas there as well. Congratulations on inspiring your son to enjoy Shakespeare! 🙂

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