Fly on the Wall

Mom: Did you have fun playing with Tawni last night?

Ellie: YES!

Mom: What did you do?

Ellie: We played Sequence and ate pizza and played Old Maid.  And I cheated.

Mom: You cheated? How?

Katie: Tawni had the Old Maid and one other card, and Ellie had one card and had to pick.  She grabbed both and then gave Tawni back the Old Maid.

Mom: Oh, Ellie.  You don’t want to cheat.  Cheating’s bad!

Ellie: Yeah, but losing is badder than cheating.


9 responses to “Fly on the Wall

  1. for the record, I did tell her that losing is BETTER than cheating… maybe she misheard me… 😉

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