Guest Photographer

Baseball season is upon us.  Sean is coaching an 11-12 year old boys’ YMCA team this year, assisted by his Dad.  Jonathan and Andy are both on the team (Andy got bumped up a year for the sake of scheduling sanity and so that Sean could coach both of them) and it is really something special to see 3 generations of Brandt men out on the baseball field together.

I am the official scorekeeper (thanks again, Dad, for that trip to Royals’ Stadium when you taught me that fun and useful skill!), so Katie took over as photographer for the first game.  It was 8 days ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting photos!

Some pre-game shots:

Sean and Hoover giving last-minute instructions.

The equipment coveter.  Katie was YEARNING to be able to play with her brothers.  Sorry, sweetie!

No YMCA sporting event experience is complete without the acquisition of at leat one rock.

“No, Jonathan, you may not attempt to use The Force while batting.”

I think there’s an Andy under all that armour.

Conference at the mound.

Rehydrating.  It was really really stinking hot.  A week ago I would have written “So. Very. Hot.”, but I have been informed by a reader that that sort of thing absolutely Drives. Him. Nuts.

If you happen to know my brother, doesn’t that picture of Andy look like him?  Creepy!

Lefty.  Notice the green bat Andy (and Jonathan) were using? They named it Godzilla.

Right field is secure!

Next post: Last night’s game, documented by another guest photographer!


4 responses to “Guest Photographer

  1. They are so playing my positions!!! How fun is that! I cannot believe that Jonathan looks like he is up to his Dad’s shoulders! Whoa! Rootin’ for you all in WI… can you hear us? 😉

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