Katie may have herself a job!

Katie was our photographer again in tonight’s game.  The team is really making improvements and this game was really fun to watch, even though we lost 10-11.  The boys are learning how to make those basic fielding & throwing plays, and the hitting and pitching have really come along. 

Katie snapped pictures the whole time.  Here are some of my favorites.

Mr. Left Field…made a TERRIFIC stop over there tonight. (Somebody needs to feed this kid, don’t you think?)

Jonathan also played first base for a while, and his Dad the Coach did what Dads the Coach do…put him in to pitch in the last inning with the score tied 10-10 and the bases loaded.  No pressure or anything, dude.

Sorry, Andy…looks like the youngest kid on the team doesn’t get a seat on the bench.

Jonathan had a sweet hit tonight…a double that knocked in 2 runs!

The coaches. I love seeing them work together to help these boys.  I love seeing them try really hard to not call our boys “honey” or “sweetie” during the game.

“Andy!  How ’bout you run through the bag next time?”

Summer baseball in Kansas.  Life is good.

Andy was a brick wall tonight.  He made some great stops, including handling several throws from the catcher to try and catch a runner stealing second base.  I think he picked up some pointers when he watched the goalies during the Stanley Cup.

I love this picture.  I don’t know why Katie wanted to get a close up of Andy’s head, but I think it’s sweet. 

I’m really enjoying discovering what pictures she has taken during the game. I like seeing what draws her eye.

She might still need a little practice, though. 😉

2 responses to “Katie may have herself a job!

  1. GREAT PICS!! I love seeing your kiddos playing “the game” and Katie does such a good job documenting it! Now if you could just download the whole game so we (who are interested!) could see it! 😉

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