Back home…

We are home from our little trip to St. Louis.  It was a lot of fun and I have many pictures to post, but for now, let me just share two helpful tidbits of information about choosing restaurants in unfamiliar territory.

1. Boys of the 12-year-old persuasion are convinced that “British Food” is a common fast food variety, and it is served at a place called “White Castle”.

2. When attempting to decide whether you are dressed appropriately for a restaurant, it is a good idea to look for statues in front of the building.  The fancier the establishment, the fewer clothes on the statues. Nekkie statues mean no shorts and t-shirts.



2 responses to “Back home…

  1. Glad you had a good time and made it safe and sound! Hmmmm–St. Louis conjures up lots of memories for us–did you think of us when you made that drive that Derek did twice a week for 8 months? 🙂

    I want to go back again under better circumstances and make some good memories!

    There’s so much free stuff to see and do there, though, that we actually do have some good memories with the girls and our friends there.

    I think we need some further explanation on point #2 🙂

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