St. Louis Pictures

Here are a few pictures of our St. Louis getaway…

We planned the trip around a Cardinals and Phillies game.  Views from our seats:

We sat in the very top row of seats on the right field side.  This view was directly behind us.  The stadium is beautiful, and I love how it is right downtown.  We parked for the day and walked to our destinations.

We had fans…

…and hot dogs…

…and fun with the zoom on the camera.  See the ball?

This looks so painful…

The game was exciting!  It went into extra innings, tied at 6 runs. We even saw a collision at the plate.  Drama, drama, drama!

After the game, we walked down to the Gateway Arch.

Every single person under the age of 15 (and some over) felt the need to throw themselves against the base of the Arch with great dramatic flair.  This is a phenomenon worth studying, I think…what causes them to do that?


The flooding…

…the Mississippi River was cooking, too…I don’t remember ever seeing it flow so quickly.

After the Arch and a lovely dinner at Hannigan’s Pub, we drove around the city admiring church architecture.  My pictures could not do these buildings justice, and the light was failing, so I only took a few.  This spontaneous excursion might have been the highlight of the trip, not only because we got to see beautiful church buildings, but because of the conversation with the children about the “worth” of beauty, and what it means to spend the time and money to build something so beautiful that is meant to endure.

This church had a sign that declared it the first Catholic Czech church in America.

No idea, but I thought it was cool.  Translation, anyone?


3 responses to “St. Louis Pictures

  1. Geek says its a Serbian church- and it’s in Serbian. He can read it but can’t translate. Not so good a geek. Sorry!

  2. I just realized I didn’t finish typing my “name.” But you probably figured it out, huh?

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