The JAKE and I were discussing Winnie the Pooh during a recent Walmart run.  We were talking specifically about the incident when Tigger tries out carrots and honey and haycorns and decides that none of them are what Tigger likes best.  I love how even the big kids remember reading these aloud and to themselves. I love that it’s something we have shared together.

Then the conversation shifted a bit as Andy recalled that Winnie the Pooh was one of his all-time favorite videos when he was very young (I leaned on those quite a bit when Katie was new and Andy was only 18 months older!), and what a shame it was that we don’t have a viewable copy anymore since we had to pitch the old VCR.

Andy: We really should buy the DVD, Mom.  It’s a classic!

Mom: You think so?

Andy:  Of course!  Like The Godfather and Toy Story!  A classic!

I’m sure Michael Corleone would feel right at home with Pooh Bear and Buzz Lightyear, don’t you?


2 responses to “Classics

  1. Munday, tuesday, thurday, WEDNESDAY!
    Go to the Matresses.

    What is it with men and the godfather?

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