Introducing Tessa

Tessa is a 5 month old Lab puppy (some sort of mix, with her white blazes). She was adopted from the pound at 2 months old, and then her owner couldn’t keep her in her home anymore without paying an extra $300/mo rent.  Tessa joined our family July 4th.

Tessa spends her days outside and sleeps in a crate in the girls’ room at night.

Ellie is especially fond of her, as is Daisy, our almost 2-year-old lab.  They’ve become fast friends.

I took this picture through the screen door before getting the other pictures.  It’s a rare thing to see them both laying down when there’s a person out there to pet them.  Ellie must be a 4 year old version of the Dog Whisperer.

P.S. Apparently, the boys are good pray-ers.


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