Fly on the Wall Report

Andy: Mom, you know how Michael Phelps burns 4000 calories a workout?  You should start doing whatever he’s doing.



6 responses to “Fly on the Wall Report

  1. Oh No He Din’t!!!


    I would drown anyway — wouldn’t do me any good. LOL I’m 5’2 and do NOT have flippers for feet, nor dinner plates for hands. :snort:

    Although — You do have an Olympic style swim suit… right? (I just remembered that story — oh… thanks for the laugh! I truly needed that this morning)

  2. HA!!

    Children are so funny 🙂 The times I’ve been down and out sick, (like with fever, throwing up, etc) mine tell me that I need to exercise, because it would give me energy!! (That’s what I always tell them as one reason I exercise).

  3. Very funny… you might let him know that M. Phelps also has to eat between 8,000-10,000 calories a day (I think that’s what they said) and due to food shortages that you would have to eat his meals to do the workouts! 😉 That might give him a new perspective on his recommendation!

    But, remember, there was that gal that competes at 41!! You COULD do it! ;-P

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