New beginnings

My computer and I are getting better acquainted, and thanks to my kind and generous hubby, I am also taking baby steps in finding my way around a completely different photo editing software program. (Is “software program” redundant?  Ah, terminology!)  So far I can upload pictures, resize them, and turn everything in them to a sick shade of green. Not bad for a first day.

And here is the lovely Katie, showing another beginning that’s commencing to get started around here: Fall Sports.  She is geared up for her first soccer practice, complete with these attractive pieces of protective equipment (and cleats and sock to match!),  I’m not sure she’s taken them off since her daddy brought them home.  Andy has his first flag football practice tonight, for which he was required to have a mouth guard.  If you’re really lucky, you might get to see a picture with that lovely apparatus.  Until then, ponder the necessity of mouth guards in a non-contact sport.


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