Sports report, pt 2

Andy had his first flag football game right after Katie’s soccer game. I no longer have any questions about why mouthguards are a good idea for this sport.  Non-contact my eye.

Andy played lots of positions…not all of which I could identify.  This one I know, though…Quarterback.

Here he’s being some sort of running maniac…sorry folks, it’s as good as I can do.

He played most of the game, on both offense and defense, and loved every minute of it. I would guess his favorite minutes were the two during which he intercepted passes.

I think he’s blitzing in this picture.  He says he remembers this picture because he did a face plant right afterwards.  Thank you, mouthguard.

The final score was 19-0 in Andy’s team’s favor.  Go Wildcats!

And some fan pics:

Methinks Jonathan may have gotten a little too much sun.

And Ellie’s just had her sports quota…she’s done.


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