Using only a few common household items…

…we can take over the world!

Ok, not really. I hope.  But we have entered a new phase of education: Experimental Science.

Jonathan’s current science course has him doing 2-3 experiments per week, using common household items.  I’m still having him check with me before he gets started on a new one, though.  The minute he starts listing equipment like “flame throwers” and “sulphuric acid”, I am going to start being suspicious.

The sweetest part of these experiments is that Jonathan always asks if he can have Ellie be his “assistant”.

She LOVES helping her biggest brother and is always so excited to do something SO BIG.

I think we’re learning about surface tension here…it takes a LOT of pepper to study surface tension.  If you don’t believe me, you should see my sink and counter.

Evil geniuses at work…

And God bless the author of this text, who ends every experiment with “clean up your mess”.


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