A day in Couch to 5K

A friend of mine challenged me to bring the camera along on one of our C25K trips.  Andy and Katie were good sports.

Go time, Mom!

Stashin’ stuff in the trunk I don’t want visible while the car’s left unattended.  What do we have here?  Nutter Butters?  Yum.  A bit counterproductive to our errand, though.  I blame baseball season.

All right, girls…let’s kick this pig.

Starting point. We do this at a County Park with wonderful bike paths.

The trail winds back there…

and over into those trees over there, passing by several small lakes along the way.

This is my favorite part.  But right before we get to this point, we pass a significant spot.

About a week ago, Katie was trying to say something, but her speech kept stalling out after a particular phrase.  She tried over and over and couldn’t quite get the momentum to get those last words out.  Finally (because I am the epitome of patience when I’m oxygen deprived) I said “Spit it out, Katie!”  Katie instantly leaned over to the side of the path and spit out her gum (a special treat limited mostly to running times).  A few seconds passed and then she realized that that wasn’t what I’d meant.  “Bummer,” she commented.  The next time we ran by, we noticed her gum was still there.  Andy and I saw it again on Monday.  Lo and behold, it was still there today, but it’s seen some contact since Monday.

Notice the trash can less than 2 feet away.


After we finish our assignment for C25K, the little whippersnappers ask to run sprints.

I might smack ’em if I could just catch them….just kidding. No smacking.

When we got to the car, we saw some critters…Katie was thrilled because Squirrels are an object of study in one of her co op classes.


Hey, Squirrel. I have Nutter Butters in the trunk.


5 responses to “A day in Couch to 5K

  1. fun..but I need to know why you don’t people to see the nutterbutters in your car unattended and Katie’s pink hoodie is quite cute. Nutterbutters…oct?

  2. October.

    They were left in there from some time we were supposed to bring snacks for after a baseball game…slipped out of the bag or something.

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