Did the Pigs Fly Over Your House?

I know for a fact that there are home schoolers out there who simply revel in the freedom they and their children have to get elbow-deep in enormous, messy, time- and space-consuming projects that go along with subjects of study.

I am not one of them.

I like books and notebook paper and pencils and crayons. I am content to throw in some glue when I get a really wild hair. Colored pencils, even.  Markers, if I’ve lost my senses.  But once in a while, I see all these neat projects that are optional activities in the kids’ school work, and the pile of guilt becomes more than I can ignore.  And then someone will throw in a “pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Momma??  I’ll clean up the mess!” accompanied by Bambi eyes.

So the pigs must have been flyin’ on Thursday, because Jonathan and I made unleavened bread.

We used flour, salt, olive oil and water.  That’s it.

And this would be Exhibit A in the case for sticking with the paper and pencils. You don’t even want to see the floor.  I don’t want to see the floor. I haven’t looked yet.

Jonathan worked the dough (with many comments along the lines of “EW! GROSS! THIS FEELS NASTY!  YUCK!”) and flattened bits of it into amoeba shapes.  That wasn’t in the directions, exactly…I’m guessing it was his artistic flair coming out.

We cooked them in a skillet with a little bit more olive oil until they were brown on both sides.  I have to be honest. At this point I’m thinking this is a lot of wasted flour and olive oil for soggy bleck.

However, they tasted really good!  We ate some with our main meal and ate the rest, dipped in honey, for dessert.  It was really good with honey.

The kids enjoyed thinking about how what they were eating was like the bread the Israelites might have eaten at the Passover, and like the bread Jesus ate with his disciples at the Last Supper. History alive…which is kind of the point of these projects, I know. I’ll try to remember that when the pigs next take wing.

4 responses to “Did the Pigs Fly Over Your House?

  1. Our old church had unleavened bread like that for communion every Sunday. Different families took turns making it. It was the best communion bread I have ever had-so yummy. Lots of olive oil makes it good.

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