Happy Birthday!!!


Today is Jonathan’s 13th birthday! (All of you who are related to him or have known him since he was in diapers may now pick yourselves up off the floor.) 

This picture is from yesterday morning’s traditional Cracker Barrel breakfast that Jonathan shares with his Poppie, who happens to have the same birthday. 

Jonathan really gets into planning his food requests for his birthday. This will come as a surprise to no one who knows him.  Obsessively concerned with what his next meal might be? Check. A little (cough, cough) freakish on the planning ahead? Check. He had a friend over to play last night and wanted chicken burgers and chips.  Today he requested home made hamburger pizza and his Nana’s famous “Heartburn Juice” that she always serves on Christmas morning. He wants triple chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I will not say how long he has had these requests planned, but we can safely say I could have done the shopping many grocery trips ago.

We are very thankful for our Jonny! Happy birthday!

5 responses to “Happy Birthday!!!

  1. I thought about Jonathan and Poppie on the 29th (but obviously didn’t get around to doing anything about it). Give that young man a hug from us!! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday! Kary and Lúthien seem to enjoy having their birthdays around Thanksgiving. Hope yours was awesome! Welcome to the teenage years!

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