How to Make Accidents Work for You

We spent our first day (Monday) in Florida in the magic Kingdom, including some time in some shops so that the JAKE could scope out the possibilities for spending their souvenir money.  While we were in one of these shops, we noticed a fancy set of little girl princess panties and wondered aloud who in the world would buy panties at Disney World.

On Thursday we returned to the Magic Kingdom and revisited several attractions and saw some we didn’t get to the first day. Ellie, after having declared Big Thunder Mountain “too scary” on Monday, decided she’d like to ride it again on Thursday.  We headed over to the ride and got in the 30-minute line.  Almost immediately, Ellie began doing that special dance that is instantly recognized by all parents everywhere.  She assured me she could make it until after the ride, which was good news since there is literally nowhere to go once you’re in a line.  She had been accident-free since being trained 2.5ish years ago, so I believed her when she said she could hold it.

She was true to her word. She held on until about 2 minutes after the ride, when we were just in sight of the nearest bathroom.

There were tears, there were comforting words, there was a frantic and futile search for an air-blowing hand dryer in the bathroom. No luck.  We dumped the panties and replaced the pants and decided we’d need to find some articles of clothing in a nearby shop.

So who in the world buys panties at Disney World? We do. And so, apparently, do many other parents of little girls who don’t quite make it to the facilities in time.  When I asked the nice lady who checked us out in the shop if we might use the fitting room for Ellie to change into her new fancy princess panties and princess sweat bottoms, she cheerfully handed me an extra plastic bag for the wet items and cheerfully reassured me, “Honey, I’ve only been at work for an hour and she’s the fourth one I’ve seen today who’s needed new panties.”

I hope she enjoys them (she is, really)…they’re the priciest panties that girl will ever own while under our roof. Disney’s got a good thing going in the emergency panty replacement business!


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