Are you a “Yes” Mom?

I am not a natural “Yes” Mom.  When my children come to me with an invariably messy and complicated project or game they want to do, I can immediately come up with 5 reasons why it’s not a good idea at the moment. I’m trying to be better about stifling the mostly selfish “no, not right now” response that seems to pop out before I even give the matter much thought, and working on being more of a “yes” Mom.

Here are some pictures from a recent attempt:


Jonathan is working on a model boat for his Science of Sailing co op class. His wonderful teacher noticed his love of the model she used for class, and asked if he’d like to build an extra model for class use. He jumped at the opportunity.  Katie is using some of the craft supplies she bought with her Christmas gift card. She’s painting on a wooden “K” to match a wooden flower with a hook, both of which are now hanging on her pinkandpurple wall in her pinkandpurple room.


Ellie is so excited to use her reading skills to peruse craft books and be inspired. She found a project for making a button bracelet by hand sewing (with a needle!!!) buttons onto elastic.  Her stitching is quite decorative…she has a bit of her older sister’s “take it and run with it” philosophy.


She was so proud of her finished project and SO looked forward to showing her Nana at church.

What a smile.  Everyone was so proud of their creative efforts.  I want to be more of a “yes” Mom so that I can encourage their creative interests. After all, you’d think I’d be sympathetic…


4 responses to “Are you a “Yes” Mom?

  1. I struggle with this too. It is a tired thing here, but I don’t want my kids to remember me tired all the time.
    Great job sewing, Ellie!

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