Gardening Girls


We have high hopes for our garden this year!  The JAKE and I have been working in our flower beds and in the containers you can see in the picture. We are a little challenged for full-sun spots for growing vegetables, so we are trying some container gardening for tomatoes and peppers.  We also put in cucumbers, yellow squash, green beans, lettuce, spinach, basil, zucchini, and a smattering of morning glories and marigolds for color.

Katie is already anticipating being able to pick something, run it into the house for a rinse, and then having a snack. I’m hoping we can make a dent in the grocery budget by freezing or canning some veggies.  A brief look at our gardening history would not encourage such optimism, but spring is a hopeful time, right?

I wonder what the neighbors will think of our interesting flower beds this year?


3 responses to “Gardening Girls

  1. Yay!! I hope they grow well for you! We’re wanting to do some potted tomatos, peppers, and herbs here… hopefully the balcony at the new apt gets enough sun!!

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