Garden Progress Report


We have the beginnings of lettuce…


…a few bean plants trying very hard to survive being chewed up by something….


…a couple pepper plants that have not registered any major complaints as of yet…


…the peppers and tomato plants. I just pruned tomato plants for the first time….breaking off the lower branches, pinching off suckers and staking the main stalks.  I felt like I was committing a violent act.


“Please! Make the crazy lady stop tearing off our limbs!”

(You can see marigold seedlings there in the dirt, too.)


My lovely assistant.

2 responses to “Garden Progress Report

  1. Put a little cup in the ground, so the edge is flush with the ground. Fill it with beer. Slugs and catepillars love that smell… the go to investigate…and drown. 🙂

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