Home Ec Meets Math

proto jam

Plus a metric ton of sugar, plus a wee bit of lemon juice, plus some pectin, plus some minor burns, plus 1 lid mishap in the water bath equals



Katie and I made 3 batches of strawberry jam today. The first batch was my lesson in reading instructions.  That batch and the second one were processed in the water bath canner. I was out of pectin but had a lot more berries, so we did one batch of “refrigerator jam” that was pectin-free. Oddly enough, that one seems to be doing the most vigorous jelling!  We ended up with 12 pints of very very sweet jam.


One response to “Home Ec Meets Math

  1. hey jam makers, looks yummy, my Mom and Dad make LOTS of canned goods…. if you need tips or whatever…. tell us p.s. mom loves the fridge jam… ever tried to make sun dill pickles?? later tater

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