Peek in on a school day

When the kids are all grown, I know I’ll be glad to have some of these “everyday life” photos to enjoy. Perhaps you’d like to take some in your own home today?

Kaele’s overseeing Bible for Lydia and Ellie…she’s letting Ellie read it aloud today.

Katie and Andy are ready for their spelling tests.  Well, one of them is.

Ellie needed a bit of assistance, maybe?

Jonathan’s working hard in his upstairs school nook. This kids have taken to glomming onto my friends to be their study buddies at their desks.

Katie’s sunny spot.

Coloring is very hard work.

A view of command central, where I get to inspect things like this:

Ellie knows that moms are tough cookies.

I think I know which one is the mom fish…she looks like she might need more coffee this morning.

Kakee might need some coffee, too…

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