School called on account of weather

Gorgeous warm weather, that is!

Our resident gardening expert and her lovely assistants took the opportunity provided by some rare sunshine and above-freezing temperatures to work on clearing an area that will be used for our gardens this Spring and Summer.

It is crazy how much they have done…this area and the one in the next picture were positively overgrown. We live smack in the middle of the city and garden space isn’t always easy to come by, but these gals have been working hard!

This fence has suffered repeated attacks from pernicious trumpeter vines and black labradors. I think it will enjoy this summer much more than previous ones.

These yahoos were allegedly picking up sticks and garbage.

This yahoo is scrubbing at some moldy dirt that thought it could set up residence on the back of the garage.

“Seriously, girls! Try Clorox for all your outdoor cleaning needs! I wish I could do this every day!”

I’m so excited to see this area transformed!


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