Zoo day!

The weather people told us that we could expect 57* today before things get ugly again, so we headed to the zoo!

Checking out the King Cobra.

A lot of the animals had checked their calendars and seen that it was still February and stayed indoors. We didn’t see the penguins, but we saw this sign. Katie loved the littlest one. She said “it’s so adorable I could just pick it up and dunk it in my coffee!”

Really? Ew. I’m not even going to ask where that one came from.

Hello, beautiful.

“This says that leopards like to eat 6 year-old girls!”

Better make like a bread truck, Ellie.

The jungle area is nice but humid enough to choke a person. And a bit smelly. But this macaw was cool and made me want to dye some yarn.

Lydia is hereby known as The Meerkat Whisperer.

Dude. Yes, there is a difference. I am not likely to give you salmonella. Nor am I likely to eat crickets. What a rotten sign.

The red panda scored high on the cute scale.

I think Andy wanted to eat it.

It’s not often, but once in a while, one is inspired to meditate on the strength of glass.

I know, girls. Did you know glass is made of sand? Sand.

Sand that was apparently strong enough to withstand this gorilla’s pounding when he went for Andy.

We all survived! Hooray!

3 responses to “Zoo day!

  1. Those are great…hard to pick a favorite between the cute kids, cute animals, great photos and hilarious captions! We need to visit the zoo this year, it’s been several years ago and a kid or two ago.

  2. Meercat whisperer. Love it. LOL

    We’re going to the zoo on Saturday. I can’t wait! My little ones have never been!! I hope they have gorillas. I love gorillas.

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