Garden progress

Ground has been turned, beds have been marked out.

Very exciting stuff.

Kaele is really excited about this corner. It’s for compost. I’ve learned a lot about compost in the last few months.  What I have learned is that we are going to use really gross, nasty, smelly stuff (that we would normally pay someone money to take away from our home) to help grow our food. Our food. Stuff we put into our mouths and chew and swallow.

I’m not sure this sounds like such a good idea, but then again, my plant-growing expertise is limited to killing them, so I defer to the expert. That would be Kaele. And she’s excited about compost. She’s so excited that she built a special little home for it, just on the other side of the fence from Daisy, who also seems to be excited about compost.

Oh my dear sweet honey mustard.

We seem to consume a lot of citrus fruit.

This would be when I began to back slowly away.  Kaele, are you sure you want to be so close to that?

Yeah, hon. I can see just fine from here.

Thank you, Lord, for zoom settings on cameras.

3 responses to “Garden progress

  1. LOL.
    Kaele, any plans to visit Delaware this Spring? We could use a garden and compost expert around here. I think my expertise is with Kiersten…I excel at killing things.

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