Lesson Plans

Today I planned on teaching Bible, History, Math, English, Reading, Spelling, Science, and Logic

As it turns out, what was really taught today was:

Attitude adjustment
Changing one’s focus from self to others
Being thankful in all things
Recognizing the power and place of emotion
The power of words to hurt and heal, with a special seminar on letting go of hurtful words spoken at least 4 years ago
Courage to be content in matters of conviction
Obligation and duty
Work ethic
The power of heartfelt prayer and a long hug

I’m not sure whether more was learned by parent or by child today.


4 responses to “Lesson Plans

  1. Wow, sounds like a profitable day of homeschooling! I love that we get to speak to these kinds of areas in the lives of our children on a daily basis. (Of course, most of the time I’d rather be teaching a straight-forward math lesson…) No doubt there are fabulous teachers in the public schools– Steve’s sisters are prime examples; but when it comes to shepherding my kids’ hearts, I’m thankful to have so much access during the days. I don’t always get it right, but what a blessing! Thanks for posting this Kiersten.

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