What you have to know about my sister

…is that she is in the beginning stages of authoring a book entitled 1001 Ways to Use Empty Ice Cream Buckets or How to Justify an Ice Cream Habit or Why Stuffing Your Face With Ice Cream is Good for the Environment.  The final title hasn’t been decided yet, but the important thing is that this woman considers the ice cream bucket to be one of life’s most useful things.

Today was the day to prepare the nursery for our first round of seedlings, to be started indoors, so Kaele gathered her assistants and gave them ice cream buckets full of potting soil. And tablespoons. We’re very high tech.

We eat a lot of eggs. These were left over after Jonathan’s breakfast this morning. Everyone is contributing to the garden.

Right, Andy?

Lydia might be a bit enthused. Ellie might be wondering if she’ll be breathing again anytime soon.

We are nothing if not obsessive about documenting everything around here.

Katie knows the drill.

“Lyds!… Need!… Air!”

Good work, girls! Way to use those ice cream buckets! Way to contribute to the garden!

Way to hold down that bear, Andy. Don’t hurt yourself.


2 responses to “What you have to know about my sister

  1. HA HA HA HA! I love it! I’ll actually be posting a similar blog soon as I’m planting seeds today! YAY!

    I love how Lydia is just so attached to Ellie! 🙂

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