River Festival: Botanica Day!

Today is Botanica Day!  Wichita Botanica gives free admission to anyone wearing a RiverFest button, and we took advantage of the beautiful morning to walk amongst the flowers.  The children had scavenger hunts, provided by Botanica, that kept even the youngest focused, and there was also an opportunity to pot marigolds to bring home.

Enjoy the gardens with us!

The rose garden is my favorite…so many varieties and colors.

The Shakespeare Garden is pretty cool, too…the boys were eager to pose with the Bard.

We loved this shade-loving azalea…we may be on the hunt for one or two to come live with us!

Can you guess what Kaele’s doing while I’m posting this? If you said “gardening,” award yourself some chocolate.

Dude. Who is this???

3 responses to “River Festival: Botanica Day!

  1. If I could add little thought balloons to those pictures, the ones hovering over the boys’ heads would say “our favorite golf course is just on the other side of this wall…”

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