From one garden to another

After our lovely morning in Botanica, Kaele and I checked the weather and discovered that we’d better get to work if we wanted any of our little plantlings to be introduced to their new homes any time soon. We’re expecting more wet and stormy weather, and my days of thinking that digging in the mud is the best thing since telling my little brother that mud is actually chocolate are long gone. (And yes, I said I was sorry a million and one times for that.)

Kaele planted lettuces, spinach, strawberries and sugar snap peas a while ago, and they’re doing swimmingly. We’re getting a large salad every other day. Woohoo!

Yesterday a bunch of tomatoes and peppers went in, with marigolds interspersed for bug control. Kaele worked out a great way to access all of the raised bed with a path marked off with yarn. (Reason #5423 for a large yarn stash.)

Yesterday was also planting day for the front yard, including sweet potatoes and Kaele’s Mother’s Day daisies on the side bed…

…begonias and a discofabulous impatiens (my Aunt Mommy’s Day present from Lydia and her Mommy)

…and more impatiens (more present! Whee!).

Our Botanica marigolds took up residence by the leeks and by other floral seedlings, and we planted a few more seeds and seedlings in the other front beds.

These morning glories are looking happy so far, but have yet to begin climbing.  I’m hoping they’ll cover the ugly stump with beautiful blooms.

The girls were fabulous helpers. They composted and watered everything within an inch of its life.


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