River Festival: Exploration Place!

Thursday was the “free admission with a button” day for Exploration Place, a really neat hands on science museum for kids.

We always go to the Flight exhibit first.  It’s amazing, as you might expect from the museum being in the same community as a bunch of aircraft manufacturing companies.

Andy went straight for the propeller and the wall that shows the effect of the air pushing against it.

Jonathan loves this simulator of flying a plane that is like the Wright brothers’ plane. It requires shifting your body from right to left as well as using a throttle. Or something. You’d have to ask him.

Don’t ask Katie, though. She had fantastic crash after fantastic crash.

The Kansas exhibit is really neat, too. We spent a lot of time there.

Water tables are so fun.

And here Katie and Andy are playing with erosion.

We’ve had a couple tornado warnings in the last week, so it was especially neat for the kids to do some fun tornado activities.

Andy’s at the tornado, which is one of the coolest things ever.  It’s formed with air currents and some sort of smoky stuff.  Kids can disrupt the tornado and watch it reform. I could watch it all day long. It’s fascinating.

And entertaining.

They also have a tornado chamber, in which the swirling winds get up to 80mph.

We walked through the Kansas in Miniature exhibit, which is amazing, and through the health exhibits, too.

The possible photo captions for this  picture are varied and hilarious.

I brought my knitting along with me and got into 3 conversations with folks about it. One lady (a volunteer at the museum) was telling me about how she’d learned to tat in the last 4 years. I told her it was on my list to learn and she was very encouraging.

I also got to whoop a little at the Kansas Plants exhibit where they displayed the dyeing properties of several flowers.

We had a great time at the museum.  However, I’m convinced that there are some things that should not be preserved or celebrated.



4 responses to “River Festival: Exploration Place!

  1. I feel that way about regular cockroaches, but I like the giant Madagascar hissing ones. We used to play with them at the FW Zoo. They like to be worn on your shirt like a pin and some of them love to be petted.

  2. I know. Keep in mind that I am forbidden from having any snakes or tarantulas as pets. The fact that someone actually had to forbid me from doing that should say enough.

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