River Festival: Ice Cream Social!

Last night we and 5000 (or so) of our neighbors went to the Ice Cream Social sponsored by Highland Dairy. They scooped out enormous bowls of vanilla ice cream to anyone with a button.

This was a high priority event for some people.

Kaele had the brilliant idea of getting some magic shell topping to bring along.

You see the most interesting people at the River Festival.

Who knew ice cream was such a favorite all over the galaxy?

Storms are cramping our style this last day of the festival, and we won’t brave the cold and wet for the concert and fireworks, though there’s a chance we may be able to see some of them from our porch. If we can distinguish them from thunder, we’ll certainly hear them.

We had a great time and enjoyed lots of events. This is one of the many reasons we love living here in Wichita!


4 responses to “River Festival: Ice Cream Social!

  1. I realized after the event that they weren’t monitoring folks and it seemed that you could go back for seconds. We could have brought a bucket, filled it with the “seconds” and brought it home! (Ok, that’s a little over the top….. but fun to think about! ;D)

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