Ready, Set, READ!

It’s that time of year again!

Today we trekked over to the local library and got everyone signed up for the summer reading program. I loved doing the summer reading program when I was a kid. It was one of the best parts of summer. I loved the look on the librarians’ faces when I’d set my goal. They’d encourage me to set a more reasonable goal and inside, I laughed. I knew I’d be eating library books up all summer long. Summer meant Colorado trip, softball, 4th of July party, and Summer Reading Program. I was FOCUSED.

Today the boys signed up for the Teen program, and the girls for the younger crowd’s program. We tried to make an appeal to get Katie into the Teen program, as it’s more time-based than number-of-titles based, but we were turned down flat. We’ll try again next year, sweetie.

The Teen program is based on tickets. For every 30 minutes a child reads, they get to check off a doohickey on the ticket. Six doohickeys/ticket, and tickets are to be turned in weekly for weekly drawing. I haven’t asked Andy yet, but Jonathan was feeling pretty conservative to day and only got enough tickets to cover 30 hours for his first week. Slacker.

Katie decided on 40 books from now until August, which is a pretty hefty goal, considering she’ll have to go through a Mom approval process for her books. No Dr. Seuss for her reading list, no sir. I’m dusting off the Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Go, girl.

Ellie took some time deciding on her goal. She looked a little overwhelmed, so I showed her the handy chart that the library had to help.  If you sign up this week, and think you can read a book a week, you goal is 8.  So, thinking I’d try and challenge her a little, I asked her if she thought she could read 10 books each week.  She thought about it for about three tenths of a nanosecond and said “Nah…I’m going for 15. That’s 120. I bet I can beat it.” The girl’s competitive fire has been lit. We walked in the door, she climbed up for a quick hug, put the library books in their designated shelves, and got started. This girl understands what summer is all about.


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